How do I decide what kind of care is right for myself or my loved one?

Senior lifestyle and care options vary widely, and the choices can be overwhelming. Beginning with a basic awareness of options, and planning ahead, can help you make decisions that will be right for everyone involved. Visit our Resource Library to begin this learning process.

What distinguishes Casa Grande from other facilities in the area?

Top quality care!  Five residents to one employee for better care and more one-on-one interaction.  Beautifully renovated home with the residents best interests in mind.

How do I talk to my loved one about the need for care?

Decisions and discussions about senior care and living options can often be difficult ones to approach. Visit our Resource Library for some tips on communication.

Are there care options for seniors who are not ready to move out of their homes?

The community offers a variety of services to meet the changing needs of seniors who are not ready to move to an Assisted Living Facility.  Just visit our Resource Library.

What senior living services does Casa Grande provide?

Casa Grande has combined the efforts of Assisted Living Homes and Nursing Homes.  No longer will our residents leave our facility and move into a nursing home.  We work daily with our residents from the very basic activities of daily living, such as getting dressed and brushed their teeth, to end of choices where "Hospice of Havasu" gets involved.  We have a top notch Hospice group which we work diligently with.  With our combined efforts our residents end of life journey is painless, without worry and with a lot of love.


Does Casa Grande provide service outside the United States?

No, sorry, only in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


My loved one has Alzheimer's disease. Does Casa Grande have programs for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer's and other memory impairments?

Casa Grande takes all levels of care.

I'm caring for my loved one, but something has come up and now I need someone to take care of the him/her while I am unavailable. Can Casa Grande help?

Casa Grande runs on a month to month basis.  You may rent a room or semi-private room for one month as long as you give a 30 day notice.


Are my family members able to go to lunch or a movie with me?

As long as you feel comfortable with taking your loved one somewhere, please feel free!  We also encourage frequent visits!


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